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Solar Inverter

Introducing ReGen central solar inverters in sizes 1MW, 1.5MW and 2.0 MW with advanced water-cooled technology and high performance even with temperatures exceeding 50+ degrees. This product is especially designed by German engineers to suit harsh, humid and dusty conditions that prevail in the Indian Subcontinent. ReGen’s strength lies in its widespread and appropriately manned service centres which enables us to offer very attractive and innovative O&M services to suit your specific needs.
 We’re very proud to say that ‘The ReGen 2MW water cooled solar central inverter’ is a trendsetting, ultra-modern technology solar inverter, with an Indian soul.

Why water cooled is better:

  • The IGBT stacks can operate up to 50+°C ambient temperature without de-rating at full power.
  • A very unique mechanism i.e. the water part and electrical part are physically separated, which keeps the area neat and tidy.
  • The water cooled system requires zero maintenance and the water doesn’t need replacing, therefore a supply of water at site is not required.
  • The water cooled system creates uniform cooling of the IGBTs, which improves the life of the IGBTs and in turn the life of the solar inverter.
  • No addition air conditioning required

ReGen Promise

  • Manufactured in India – ReGen has an experience of manufacturing over 1,500 MW of wind frequency converters and the solar inverters are also manufactured in ReGen’s own state of the art facilities in Tada, Andhra Pradesh  and Udaipur, Rajasthan.
  • Proven unmatched service – Our country-wide 300+ highly trained service and maintenance team is spread strategically across the country and will service the solar inverters.
  • Staying Connected with your inverter – ReGen’s advanced SCADA connectivity used in the wind industry will provide you generation and service information about your solar inverters.
  • German expertise on every project – ReGen works in close coordination with German associate to provide the most efficient and innovative technology solutions to maximize the utility of all solar projects.
  • Easy sourcing of spare parts – Our specialization and extensive experience in manufacturing wind inverters and its close synergy with solar inverters give us a key advantage in terms component sourcing.
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