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Features & Benefits
  • Proven and reliable technology – More than 15,000 MW of the same inverter technology installed around the word (in the wind industry applications).
  • Fine-tuned for Indian conditions – More than 1,500 MW of these inverters have been manufactured by ReGen and are running in our ReGen wind turbines all across various states (Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh) in India.
    • Sustaining varied climatic conditions: High temperature ~50+°C, High humidity, along the coast and extreme dust.
  • Higher output voltage – Output voltage is 620VAC and hence the output 3 phase AC current is less compared to competitors with similar power rating. Lower currents results in reduced losses at the LV/MV transformers and AC transmission side in general.
  • Futuristic technology – Ready for the to-be introduced grid code in India and LVRT compliant.  Leading the world with the first megawatt-class wind-solar hybrid technology brought to reality.
  • Early to rise and late to bed – The step-up IGBT functionality, master-slave configuration and phase-wise power generation enables the inverter to start producing power in the early and late hours of the day; adding value to the investment.
  • Modular mounting system – Makes routine maintenance and servicing very quickly and ensures maximum uptime (The inverter can run on partial load while few IGBTs are being replaced).
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