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Wind Turbine Testing

Test & Measurements

ReGen is the one of the few wind turbine manufacturing companies in the world, to have a core measurement group. The group has measurement engineers who have worked with Risoe National Laboratory Denmark, Wind test Grevenbroich Germany, MEASNET Germany, CWET India and many other international agencies for many prototype testing and certification projects.

With this expertise, ReGen has setup a test station at Vagarai in Tamilnadu. The test station is selected according to the international standards of IEC (IEC 61400-12-1). The test site has a flat gentle terrain with no operating turbines nearby. The wind conditions at the test station, enables the measurement engineers to capture the required measurement database in one wind season.

The group has set up a laboratory at ReGen Chennai, to perform functional checks of the instruments and sensors before deploying it in the test field. The instruments, sensors and measurement systems are sourced from well reputed companies as per the accuracy class mentioned in IEC standards.

Functions of the group

  1. Type testing of prototype turbine models
  2. Power curve measurements and verification for ReGen customers
  3. Coordination with designers and certification bodies during the process of type certification of new wind turbine models
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