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Partnership with Vensys

ReGen Powertech has entered into a License agreement with world renowned Vensys Energy AG, Germany (Global installation with Vensys Technology as of 2014)


  • Gearless Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator suitable for low and medium wind regimes
  • Class III A and III B certification
  • Lowest cut-in and rated wind speed
  • Grid friendly - meets all advanced grid codes and regulations
  • Patented passive cooling – highly suitable for hot and tropical climates
  • Three different models in 1.5 MW category (Vensys 77, Vensys 82, Vensys 87)
  • 2.5 MW and 3 MW to be introduced


Significant Operational Advantages

High Efficiency

  • ReGen Powertech delivers high efficiency and reliable direct drive turbines built upon the Vensys technology platform

Technical Advantage

  • Patented passive cooling system ensures outstanding cooling performance - highly suitable for hot and tropical climates
  • Special Power Converter optimises the usage of given grid capacities, helps stabilise the grid and meets advanced grid codes and regulations

Technology Comparison

The direct drive PMG synchronous generator offers significant advantages over conventional gearbox turbines:

  • Fewer components and higher availability: average availability exceeding 98%
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Higher partial load efficiency; 5-7% higher energy production due to permanent-magnet excitation
  • Low voltage, low speed, reliable generator
  • Reduced noise levels due to few moving parts
  • Largest Rotor Diameter and highest hub height in its class
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