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ReGen MW scale Wind-Solar True Hybrid

Add some sunshine to your wind portfolio

Next time when you inquire about a wind turbine ask how much of solar panels you can add to it.
ReGen is pioneering a unique MW class wind-solar hybrid with our successful 1.5MW wind turbines. You can host 200kW to 1000kW of solar installations along with our wind turbines utilizing the wind turbines available infrastructure (inverter, yard electricals, evacuation, land and O&M).
You can even convert a running ReGen Wind turbine into a "True Hybrid" system by adding solar panels to it.

What is a ReGen True Hybrid? ReGen True Hybrid system is one that generates electrical energy by using an optimum combination of wind-turbines and solar-PV with an efficiently shared infrastructure allowing for greater economic and social utilization of all resources.

The wind-solar Hybrid scenario globally

Co-located Hybrid

Two largely independent generation systems located in close-proximity to each other in order to share larger transmission equipment and broader transmission infrastructure (e.g. sharing of a common sub-station and grid infrastructure).

True Hybrid

The novelty in the True Hybrid concept is that the two technologies may work in tandem to produce a single electricity output more efficiently than either approach could do on its own. ReGen’s unique technology allows for integration of wind and solar at the inverter level, where the variable inputs of both the inputs are combined using step-up choppers into a single output allowing for a ‘True Hybrid’ solution.

Small scale Hybrid

Various small-scale watt-class and kilowatt-class products for off-grid applications.

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